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You, & your clients will appreciate the relaxed and private atmosphere of this unique photography & video studio that has everything you need. Our east bay photo & video rental studio, has a large open shooting space, many options for set design, furniture, rugs, chairs, props. You can shoot 9 foot white seamless then switch to 9 foot black velvet cloth in minutes.
Our photo & video rental studio is located in Jingletown Oakland California right off the 880 freeway. 

  • 1000 sq ft studio with 10ft ceilings. The shooting space is 18 ft by 25 ft.
  • Free street parking
  • 2 Alienbee Monolight strobe lights with wireless triggers. (Compatible with Canon Nikon Leica….)
  • 1 Profoto B1 Strobe with grid set
  • Dozens of modifiers: soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dish, grids, gels, strip boxes, flags, bounces, and reflectors, 9 foot seamless paper backdrop.
  • Huge windows with plenty of natural diffused southern light.
  • 4 Hot lights for video shoots.
  • Kitchenette or full catering is available. We have all the great local delivery places on speed dial.
  • Crank up the tunes,  bring your ipod
  • The space is heated by an industrial heater which provides comfortable climate for nude shoots.
  • Dressing and makeup space with full length mirrors, dress rack, makeup chair and electrical outlets for makeup and hair tools, full bathroom with shower.
  • Dark brown "Hardwood" floor mat, bamboo flooring, brown stained cement, grey rug 
  • Red wood chair, black or gold posing stool, black/brown vintage chair
  • Costume jewelry, fur boa, masks, wigs & gloves
  • Silver antique wrought iron bed with all white bedding or a boudoir comforter 
  • Antique porcelain basin vanity, vintage mannequin, steer skull, antique tiny baby stroller 
  • Wood, metal, and door panel room divider options (4 total) 
  • Work out props, punching bag, yoga matts, kettle bells, weights 
  • Ladder, step stools, and fan options 

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